Outdoor playgrounds for commercial use

Public areas made for kids

We are an authorized exclusive distributor of Rainbow Play Systems, which is a leading global supplier of outdoor playgrounds. Rainbow has over 25 years of experience in the development and production of public and commercial playgrounds. Playgrounds have been supplied to schools, kindergartens, clubs, parks, camping areas, shopping malls, restaurants, and office buildings all over the world.

The constructions are very safe and they meet European safety standards (EN 1176 1-3). The playgrounds are built of the best materials and of weather resistant Redwood tree, and according to European safety standards and environment friendly production methods. We offer a 10-year warranty on the wood construction.

All product layouts include the total area for safe play. In the planning phase, it is important to define the minimum area for the playground and also that the ground is softened according to EU standards.

We work on a turn-key basis, which means that we can offer total packages from designing to assembling the playground. Our range includes solutions for 2-12 year old children and for the simultaneous use for 10-30 children.


Playground examples

Play Village 1

Activities: 10

Age: 3-12 years

Capacity: 10-14 kids

Size: 177 x 452 cm

Height: 402 cm


Play Village 2

Activities: 11

Age: 3-12 years

Capacity: 10-16 kids

Size: 320 x 574 cm

Height: 402 cm

Play Village 3

Activities: 25

Age: 3-12 years

Capacity: 10-30 kids

Size: 610 x 574 cm

Height: 402 cm


Size: 168 x 168 cm

Height: 260 cm

Deluxe Playhouse

Size: 168 x 244 cm

Height: 275 cm

Sunshine Castle

Size: ~ 350 x 490 cm