Outdoor Playgrounds

Our task is to find the most interesting playground equipment available, and then together with our customers create solutions for each specific need.  

All our products are certified to meet all the European quality and safety standards.  

We carry regular swings, spring swings, carousels, climb walls and complete all-activity playgrounds for 1-50 children.  
For adults and senior users we can offer all kind of fitness equipment.  

We can deliver ready-made solutions to, for instance, day care centers, schools, buildings and municipal parks. We have divided the outdoor playgrounds into two main categories: activity centers and separate playground equipment. Hence, we can help no matter if there is a need for a separate swing or a complete set of activity equipment.     
When building outdoor playgrounds, several things need to be considered, such as assembly, foundation and safety areas. To help, we can offer a check-list:     

  • Safety and quality aspects (EN 1176 standards).
  • Cost effectivenes.
  • Models and design that stimulate the imagination of children.  

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