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Experience Centres

Extensive entertainment for the whole family!

Apart from individual playground solutions, we also offer extensive activity centres. The experience centres are perfectly suitable, for example, for shopping centres with empty retail space. We offer many different activities and we customize the contents according to available space and desired activities. The activities of the experience centre are suitable for people of different age and are thus fun for both kids and parents.


Customized Indoor Solutions

Choose a place - We take care of the rest!

Our playgrounds are designed and measured individually according to the space and the customer’s wish regarding colours and theme. Therefore, every playground is unique. To its size, the playground can be anything between 1 and 100 m2, so there is a suitable solution for any space. The customer can choose the colours, pictures and activities themselves, or we can suggest a solution according to the available space and budget. Below you can see a few examples of solutions we have delivered, categorized by product.

About us

Happy children lead to more sales

Our guide-line is: “If kids could choose”. With 25 years of experience we know, on the one hand, what stimulates the child’s play and development, and, on the other hand, what kind of solution is safe and reliable. Happy children lead to happy parents; this is, in turn, advantageous for companies, organizations and establishments that invest in playgrounds. For the joy of children we have delivered playgrounds and equipment to shopping centers, cruise lines, fast food restaurants, spas, retail chains and office buildings.

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