Childhood dreams in your own yard!

Safe, durable and comprehensive outdoor playgrounds of high quality.

We are an authorized exclusive supplier of Rainbow Play Systems, which is the leading global supplier of outdoor playgrounds.

Why choose Rainbow?

  1. Quality. The products are made of the best materials and according to strict safety norms. They are weather resistant and developed to last from generation to generation. Rainbow is the best choice, if your first priority is the child’s safety and you are not ready to compromise on quality. We guarantee our quality by offering the longest warranty in the market.
  2. Comprehensive and modular. From our range you can chose different solutions that stimulate the child’s imagination, and add various swings, climbing options, slides, monkey bars, ropes, play panels, sand boxes, and accessories. You can start from a smaller set and grow it as the need arises. We have both smaller solutions and larger entertainment centers for the simultaneous amusement of tens of children.
  3. Ecology. The products are made of renewable raw material and by using environmentally friendly production methods. For every used tree five new trees are planted.