Fun pastime or a useful way of spreading information!

Easy to use and fits in small areas

Our interactive touch screens can either be installed on the wall (MagicWall) or standing on the floor (KidsCorner).

Touch screen games are a fun way of amusing children for instance when their parents are standing in line in pharmacies or banks. We offer 24 license free games suitable for 3-12 year old children. These games have several languages, such as English, Swedish, Finnish, German, French and Estonian.

The touch screens can also be used as dvd-players. The content of the screen can be chosen and planned by yourself, and, hence, you can display useful product information on the screen. The screen is made of scrape-free TFT-material and it can be placed in different frames, environments and apparatus. Consequently, the entity can be tailor-made just as you wish.

A family-friendly reception

Touch screens are also suitable for reception areas, for example at hotels and spas, and other places where the customers are waiting for their turn. The touch screens do not require much space and they can be placed next to the reception, so that parents see their children all the time. Thereby, the children have something fun to do while they wait, without having to go to a separate playroom.

When the kids are happy, also the parents are happier, which in turn has an impact on, for example, hotel reviews.