Fun pastime or a useful way of spreading information!

Easy to use and fits in small areas

Our interactive touch screens can either be installed on the wall or standing on the floor (Touchtable, Playtower).

Touch screen games are a fun way of amusing children for instance when their parents are standing in line in pharmacies or banks. We offer 14 license free games suitable for 4-8+ year old children. These games have several languages, such as English, Swedish, Finnish, German, French and Estonian.

Our interactive play systems offer children a lot of fun on only a few square meters of floor space. The interactive touch screens can be used separately or as part of a larger play corner.

The flat, rimless display surface of the screen eliminates the issue of dust and debris building up in the corners of the display.

The play systems have a capacitive touchscreen with tempered glass, meaning that they are vandalism proof and that dirt on the screen won’t affect the touch sensitivity.

The screen has ten independent touch points. This multitouch option gives children the possibility to play games together at the same time.

The screens have an improved power efficiency and reduced consumption.